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Bob Marvin

My understanding is that name Prospect Lefferts Gardens was coined in 1969 to refer to Prospect Park, Lefferts Manor, and the Botanic Garden. The name was made up, I think, by Bernice Sealy, who lived on Maple Street and Joe Kolb, who lived on Rutland Road as well as Bob & Jane Tomison who still live on Lefferts Ave.. The idea was that it wasn't enough to just preserve Lefferts Manor--attention also had to be paid to the surrounding area. However, I have this all second hand--I moved here 5 years later and the PLG name was pretty well established.

FWIW when my wife and I want "to save ourselves the energy necessary for explaining where and what PLG is, we sometimes we tell our friends that we live in" Flatbush. PLG is in the northern tip of what was the old town of Flatbush prior to it's merger with Brooklyn in 1894,athough it's not in the area covered by the Flatbush Developent Corp. More often, we say we live "across the park" from Park Slope.

I have a distant relative who made money years ago by "blockbusting" in Crown Heights. He used to ask me. on the rare occasions when we met, "how are you doing in Crown Heights?"knowing it would annoy me. Now he just asks "your brownstone is worth HOW MUCH now? :-)

Dan Canale

I like "Lefferts" as a name for both LM and PLG. In fact, I am going to tell people from now on that I live in "Lefferts" -- it's not as if they are any less confused when I say PLG. PLG is a terrible name.

Bob Marvin


That makes a lot of sense--Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is QUITE a mouthful. Another possibility would be Lefferts Gardens, w/o Prospect, but I really like the one word version,as a short hand expression,if nothing else.IMO Prospect-Lefferts Gardens looks fine on paper and should remain for "formal" uses because it's the name of the official NYC Historic District and the re-vitalized neighborhood association, but it doesn't roll easily off the tongue.


I'd like to weigh in for the single-word name--Lefferts--as well. However, there is that pesky problem of Lefferts Place, which is 1.7 miles north of here, and which car services like to invoke in revoking the price they just quoted you...and quoting a higher one.

Bob Marvin

There's also Lefferts Blvd. in Queens, which is a LOT further, but you'd be telling the car service a specific street name, so I don't see the problem (unless you happen to live on Lefferts Ave.). Most car services don't know the neighborhood name Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, so they'd be equally clueless if the neighborhood were simply named Lefferts.


Many of my friends laugh when they hear the term "Lefferts Manor" -- it just sounds so pretentious. I usually say "prospect lefferts" or "flatbush."

Hary Boberry Banana Fanna

When I tell people I live in Leffert's Gardens they always want to come home with me and clean my apartment in light lingerie.


Speaking of Flatbush and lingerie, isn't "flat bush" the punchline to a joke about wearing panty hose without underwear?

Hary Boberry Banana Fanna

Ed, I am offended and totally disgusted.

Elizabeth Green Fahrner

Hi -- I am hoping to reach Dan and Marina canale-Parola. We were next door neighbors in Cambridge, and I have a question for Marina! Can someone put me in touch with them?

Good luck with your web blog!

(Mom of Carolyn and Genevieve - hi Sofia and Luca!)

Bob M

You can Email Dan through HIS blog:



I like "Lefferts Gardens", and that's how I generally call the neighbourhood, because I feel it works.
It speaks about the history, originally the Lefferts family land ,and also about the location ,Lefferts Manor, the proximity to the Park and the beautiful Botanical Garden.
This area was also built on the Lefferts farm land, so the "Gardens" part in that name could be considered a reminder and a tribute to that as well...
When people have no clue about which area of Brooklyn I am talking about, I then use the "Across from Prospect Park" line, or "just below Crown Heights".
But I noticed that more and more people know about Lefferts Garden.

Harry In Shorts

All the cool kids say Lefferts Gardens.


I prefer to refer to it as "Les Jardins de Lefferts" because I think using foreign languages makes people sound more important.

franz fanonymous

actually i've come to learn that the cool kids, that is the teen and twentysomething denizens of the neighborhood, refer to it simply as "LG." leave it to unfettered minds to solve our naming crisis in one easy stroke. i encourage all my neighbors to make the use of this acronym a habit and we're good to go.

PLG rez

LG? Really? I've only heard PLG. LG has a nice little ring to it...

Harry In Shorts

Where you live fool? LG. Word
Hmmm. LG? I really don't like acronyms, acrostics, anagrams, abbreviations, or palindromes. It gives our neighborhood more JLo and OC influence than it needs. Leave it to MTV to name our hoody.


Actually, my only experience with the term "LG" refers to the Lafayette Gardens housing project on the Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy border -- everyone there syays they live in "the LG." I prefer to avoid any confusion, and use the full name in conversations with those unfamiliar with the area (and there are fewer everyday -- I used to get blank stares when I told people where I lived, now I get, "I hear that's a really nice area -- very up and coming," more than anything) and PLG with initiates.


God forbid our neighborhood gets confused with a housing project!

Meanwhile, isn't LG the name of an appliance manufacturer? I think we should nix that acronym on those grounds alone.

franz fanonymous

"where you live fool? LG. Word."

fool indeed.

Harry In Shorts

Oh Franz. Do lighten up. I was merely indicating the parlance of those typically inclined to abbreviate on the grounds of Mass Media brainwashing. Poor kids.

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