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Bob Marvin

This was started by a few trolls who realized that they can get a rise out of us by trashing our nabe. Maybe I took their bait a bit too readily. One of them even threatened to come here and p**s on our doorsteps. LOL--I wish he had tried it in the cold weather we had this weekend--wouldn't have been a pretty sight! :-)

Bob Marvin

Actually the problem seems to have been only ONE troll, posting under multiple names. "Jon Brownstoner" banned him a few days ago. This Question was posted on the "Forum" a few days ago:

Lefferts buy?

"I'm about to buy a house in Lefferts Gardens..2 family brick for 640k. Good condition and close to the park. Is there anything i need to know about the neighborhood? People have said that its not safe but no one has exactly said why or in what ways? People have also said that parking sucks. Anyone live there that can give me the real deal. Signing my life away on monday.

Posted by anon at 07:49 PM "

The comments (some of them mine)have been quite positive (so far) without any of the gratuitous PLG-bashing BS of the last few weeks. I can't figure oput how topost a link, but they should be easy to find is anyone's interested.

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