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Amazing, I ordered the "blank stare" at Toomey's this weekend, and got an "Across the Park Special"- I didn't understand what happened until I just read this posting.


I second the high rating for Toomey's chicken fingers. My daughter ordered them and I ended up stealing 2 or 3 when she turned to watch the lotto numbers come up. They were yummy.


Chicken fingers?!?


Well, yes. There not literally fingers of course (do chickens even have fingers?). They're strips of white meat fried to a golden crisp in lightly seasoned bread crumbs.


Forgive my neighborhood ignorance, by where is Toomey's exactly?


It's on the corner of Rogers and Empire.


Isn't it supposed to be for sale :(


yeah, ATP posted a post on that. I don't know if they are just putting out feelers or if they are really trying to sell. It's been owned by the same family forever.


I went looking for K-Dog today and couldn't find it. Where is it exactly? I did see toomey's..can't wait to try it.


K-dog is on Lincoln Rd between Flatbush and Ocean Avenue. They don't have a sign yet so it's easy to miss. There is a chalkboard thing with menu listings outside though.

Adrian Lesher

It's too bad that Toomey's may be sold, since it has a long history (it used to be a Dodgers hangout).

However, the best macaroni and cheese you will ever have in your life is made without any advance notice at Brooklyn and Slims, and is free to all patrons. Eggs, butter, two types of cheese..Yvonne has an amazing knack with it. The only problem is that you just have to be lucky enough to be there when it is made. The friday whiting sandwiches are fairly reliable, thoguh.

Charles Star

K-Dog is even harder to find these days, as the Lincoln Rd. construction forces you to walk on the opposite side of the street if you are coming from Flatbush. You have to backtrack to get to it.

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