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I couldnt agree more. Its summertime and the open market of entrepenuers is in full force.


Ditto. The weather is lovely and the dealers are out and about (or just on the stoops). Every spring I think things have gotten better, but by july I realize they are just as bad. Oh well...



I'm thinking of moving to the neighborhood (intersection of Winthrop and Bedford), and I was wondering where I could get some info on crime statistics ASAP, or info on whether or not people think the area is generally safe. Thanks!

Bob Marvin


FWIW I think its pretty safe, but in order to reassure yourself I'd suggest calling two people in the 71st Pct; P.O. Joe Johnson,
the Crime Prevention Officer (718. 735.0528) and P.O. Vinnie Martinos,
the Community Affairs Officer (735.0527). You'll probably have to leave
a message, but they should be good about getting back to you.


It should be noted that the 88th only started cracking down on that (notorious) intersection (which I used to live next to) after a shooting and a lot of neighborhood pressure.

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