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Meanwhile, over at PlanetPLG...

PlanetPLG: Someone's been shot on Lincoln!

PlanetPLG: Holy Prince Hoshea! Put up a picture of kittens and rainbows as our lead news story!!

PlanetPLG: Whew! That was a close one...


Yes, let's definitely get some details on the fine, upstanding member of our community who pulled out a gun. Let's find all about this person's life, occupation, habits, and character. And, remind me again, why were so many upset when I said we should encourage people who have their s*** together to move to the neighborhood?


Ahhh, I love the smell of vitriol in the morning.

I have a call in with the 71st for details. I'll post if they get back to me.


Why make a big deal out of this one murder? People are constantly being murdered in PLG. It's murder central, and it will remain murder central until city officials acquire the will to do something about it.


C'mon a little perspective here--

There was a double murder in BedStuy yesterday.

we're at least TWICE as safe as they are...


Anything serious would have made the news.

Hey folks - I'm thinking about starting my own blog, and calling it "Ed's Blog". Would you all come read it?


Hey ya'll - let's keep our posts civil. Hold off on the personal attacks. Let's also keep them honest (we can tell if you post using multiple screennames).



PLG is not murder central, though it's hard to determine what exactly is the crime rate just from being on the street. Coming up is the West Indies Parade, where at least one person will be murdered in front of my apartment. And from time to time others have been carted out on stretchers, due to accidental shoorings, before my eyes. Nevertheless, if any of you has spent the day in Brownsville or East New York (75th precinct), you will feel as though we live on Park Avenue. Our nieghborhood is surprisingly middle class, educated, and active in community affairs.


Y'ALL? Oh my God! It's a hint about the anonymous blogger! I haven't heard that word since I moved from Jacksonville, FL. Could it be that this blogger is from the South?


LOL! If you only knew how far your post is from the truth and yet how close you are.


I own a programmable police scanner...it's sort of a hobby...and I can listen to police in various precincts around NYC. I hear it all and I can tell you that, when I hear about sometime happening in the greater PLG area, it is NEVER pretty. It seems like it's always assault, over-the-top domestic violence, or murder.


Hey Arnie - according to your police radio, where is crime pretty in New York City?

Crime in PLG reminds me of the crime found in Washington Heights. Both neighborhoods are chock-full of just-off-the-boat immigrants from the caribbean who haven't yet learned to adjust the ways and laws of their new home.

I'm of two minds when it comes to third world caribbean immigrants. I love the energy and vitality that they bring to the city. However, I'm troubled by the wild insanity that's not only tolerated, but respected, and a source of pride. When behavior gets out of hand (e.g., excessive noise, disrespecting women, hubris and anger management problems), it's not pretty.

That's not to say there aren't plenty of low-life white americans who aren't guilty of the same insanity.

I suppose I'm just fed up with low lifes. Can't they all just move to the suburbs?


Hi Ed. It's pretty much what you expect. You're going to hear calls from all nabes, of course, but most of the calls you hear in nicer ones are about simple things like shoplifting, tenant/landlord disputes, suspicious looking persons, etc. Things that don't result in casualties or 'body counts'. In the rougher places, like PLG and even more so East New York, a much greater proportion of the calls are about crimes that involve violence. I agree with you: I'm fed up with it.

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