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The Inkwell owners are clueless. It's sad and I feel bad for them because they must be losing money. Not too smart to post your menu online before securing a chef. I also can never tell when they are open.

PLG rez

It's too bad that Slims is closing. They're quite nice in there, it's a nice place to have a beer with a neighbor. I wish though that I had more reason to go there as it's not strategically placed in an area where there is some nightlife.

jennifer castle

I hope that whatever new business goes in is as good a neighbor as Brooklyn and Slims has been. When I moved in down the block and was concerned that bar patrons might create a disturbance, but my fears were not realized. All is quiet on the Rogers front.

Charles Star

So disappointing. I only went once - but it was a very good once. I regret not going back and I'll have to get by before it closes for good.

Adrian Lesher

I do think the Inkwell has yet to hit its stride.

In defense of the place, however,I've been by there on more than a few Saturday nights and heard a vibrant set of straignt-ahead jazz. One night I came off the 2 train and the sound of the jazz wafting down Sterling Street made the night.

The Inkwell was also hoping to really get going once the place got a full liquor license, something which is supposed to happen sometime this month.

Give the place time.


Re: giving the place time. It's been over two months since the "soft opening" of Inkwell. Why had K-Dog became a neighborhood establishment by its two month anniversary, yet Inkwell appears all but dead? I suspect it's not just a matter of
"hitting their stride".

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