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Ok, now I am STARVING...so eating the boneless chicken roti and mac and cheese this week. Thanks for the review on ALI's!

Mark Dicus

Special thanks to Ali's for hosting us and the food was amazing again.

I just spoke to Sherry the owner who tells me they are going to start carrying more of the boneless chicken. It is very popular at their Utica Avenue location. They may not have a sign up for it yet, but are preparing it, just ask.

Thanks to ATP for helping promote this series, we look forward to hitting other area destinations as part of this series very soon.

In the mean time, go check out Ali's (589 Flatbush Ave. b/w Midwood and Rutland Rd.).


I am fairly new to the nabe and I went into Ali's only once and the man there was very, very rude to me. However, I am willing to give it another try and see if that was only one person, and not necessarily the attitude of the establishment's owners. I really wanted to try some roti!

Mark Dicus

The man behind the counter is a little surly, I've only heard him speak one or two times and he knows who I am. He keeps it short and sweet, just the facts man. Don't let him keep from enjoying the food though.


Ital Shack on Nostrand btwn empire and sterling is all vegan, open 24 hrs a day and incredibly delicious. It's run by Rastas and patronized by mostly Rastas as well. Someone should review this joint. It's probably the best take out option in the neighborhood and because it's not right off Flatbush it's ignored by you know who. Word to my mother. You can get a huge plate of assorted sides for seven bucks and everything is delicious and vegan. I'm not even a plant murderer and I enjoy it.

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