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For a traditional Haitian restaurant K-Dog is really branching out! Panini's are cool but other Mexican foods like crousaints and bagels don't really do it for me.


K-Dog went traditional Haitian, I had no idea that is what they were going for. I could have sworn it was a Chinese place.

What other foods don't really do it for you, we are all just dying to know.


Anything that you can't eat through a straw really.

Keely Weiss

I hope you're joking?

Anyway, I love K-Dog. I'm so glad we actually have a cafe in this neighborhood... and so near the subway station, too!


No joke here. Solid foods suck and they are unhealthy for you. Anyone that eats solid foods might as well drink water too and everyone knows the dangers of that filthy pollutant. We must make a conscious effort neither to inhale any molecularly similiar gases are consume any object of carbon base other than the liquid form. Take it from me, I know what I'm talking about. In five years, once they change the name of that silly sounding Mexican restaurant on Lincoln Rd., which recalls a'Lucha Libre' wrestler with an 0-3 record and hire one or two white people to compliment the rainbow variations of the already blossoming multiracial staff, you will see Burrito Shakes and Taco Smoothies at the top of the menu.

Bob M

That's what blenders are for Harry,although it might be hard to find a liquid to use other than water. Maybe some ethelene glycol--kidneys are over-rated.

[joking--don't try this at home kids]

BTW, am I the only one who actually enjoys Harry's inane posts?


"nor" consume not "are" consume


"Nor consume," not "are consume". The difference being, your lonely little sentence has more grammatical errors than actual words. "Awww look at the wittle Wooby Bubby write it's first wittle sentence."


"its" not "it's"


I's was writin it's like a child silly willy. I need you. Will you ever love me again?


When I said "I hope you're joking" I was referring to the bits claiming K-Dog was a Haitian/Chinese place. I found those comments a bit alarming.

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