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PLG rez

Someone wrote something about asbestos abatement. They're probably getting ready to demolish - that's my guess. That building can't be in very good shape!

Bob M

Although I'm very much in favor of preservation, I can't imagine many possible uses of this property that wouldn't be better than the current situation.


I smell condos!


Though I've never been able to confirm it, someone once told me there's a bowling alley in the basement of this building.

Bob Marvin

The entire building WAS a bowling alley long ago (way before my time). It's most recent use was as a church--the Brooklyn Truth Center. PLGNA used to have their general meetings there--the auditorium is enormous.

Bob Marvin

BTW, when I passed there a few minutes ago, the sign referred to asbestos abatement relating to 600 odd feet of pipe covering.


the bowling alley, such as it is, is in the rear of the first floor...nothing more than @ two lanes w/out pin-setting equipment; to me, the question is the extra cost of renovating/building along the subway cut, which the building overlooks...track protection/insurance would be very costly


The asking price for that building is something like $10 million.

I believe the price comes from the "Better-to-get-nothing-for-decades-than-sell" handbook. Owners of these buildings also like to subscribe to "Making-my-building-an-eyesore-will-lead-to-profit!" magazine.


I think their last asking price was 8 million. If the asbestos is from a pipe, it sounds like they are correcting a boiler violation. I am surprized the building is not condemned. The roof is falling in and the smell of mold is overwhelming. That fact that it was once a church probably relieved it from a big tax burden. According to the city records though, they have been paying all the taxes due on the building. The assessment has shot way up in the last year however, and maybe that is why they are looking to sell.


I heard from one of the ladies at K-Dog and Dunebuggy this morning that the building has been purchased by a developer. The plan is to build a seven-story condo that wraps around to Beekman and is tall enough to afford a view of the park. Has any one else heard this?

Bob M

The wrapping around to Beekman part can't be correct--the building is on the wrong side of Lincoln Road for that to be possible--it's on the north Side while Beekman Place is south of Lincoln.


That property does wrap around to Flatbush but, as Bob notes, would have to defy physics to wrap to Beekman.


Would love to see this property developed into something other than condos.

Sounds like we are in for more construction tie-ups on Lincoln Road and that will likely bring out the rats from underground.


i viewed the building a few years ago when it was priced @ $3M, with disputes among the three owners. A small parking lot between the LR and Flatbush bldgs is included. While I'm not keen on charter schools, that's one alternate use -- but probably too expensive to buy/rehab.


My husband and I went to an auction for that building at least 5 years ago: we wanted to rent a shop in it (at the time two shops were still open) but could not find anybody to talk to so we figured we would find the owner at the auction; and we did meet him and he was not interested in renting but in selling the whole thing. So we stayed through the auction hoping that the new owner would talk to us. But at the end of the auction there was no new owner because nobody bid high enough and the owner refused to sell, though the price offered already sounded astronomical. What I remember clearly from that day is that this building comes with air rights that would make it possible for the new owner to build a skyscraper.
My two cents,

livin 11225

Count on about 25,000 sf of ground floor retail and about 100,000 sf of residential apartments. This is a major project given the fact that the property abuts the subway track bed, making it more difficult than other sites to build on.

Keep your fingers crossed for a bank and quality mid-market grocery store.


There is currently no record of sale on this building.


i heard that it was totally going to knocked down and turned into condos. Sad that they can't salvage the facade.

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