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franz fanonymous

is this the one on lincoln across from enduro? if so i had an interest in opening a bar here but the space was too small....rent is a very reasonable 1,600 a month and i believe a lawyer hopped on it for office space...hate to disappoint...if this is the one next to the flower shop on flatbush i believe its far bigger and going for 2400 a month if i remember correctly...also prtty reasonable..locale a bit dicey for a bar, we figured, but who knows...dont know who rented here if anybody...brings me to a larger point....how would new businesses (like a bar, wine shop, bagels) fare on flatbush considering the noise, traffic, etc. that would surround it? in other words, would the newcomers to the hood looking for new services (white, black, and all other middle classers that is) be willing to stumble out of a bar on flatbush at 3:15 in the morning? curious what others think. i know i would, but im my name is franz fanonymous and im an alcoholic....

Frederick Law Homestead

I think a cool bar on Lincoln would be fantastic. I'm moving to Lincoln near Bedford in August from Prospect Heights, and have a fairly big group of drinking friends. If you only stay open til 3:15, you'll have to push us out the door.

Frederick Law Homestead

I would add, a good model for a great bar in a small place is Bar Sepia on Washington and (I think) Lincoln Pl. PLG could use something along those lines: mixed, cool, friendly.


ATP, there is a falafel purveyor opening up a storefront on Nostrand between Fenimore & Rutland. FYI.

To all the other purveyors out there: Please keep the bar open late. And serve bagels in the morning. And sell wine in the afternoon. Please. We will come.


Bar Sepia is on Underhill @ Lincoln. Ripple (my former PH watering hole) is on Washington @ St. John's.


Yes, yes franz fanonymous! Open a good wine store and we will come. Some cheese, olives and good bread would also be wonderful.

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