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your worst nightmare

Q Cafe?

That sounds like a wonderful addition to your neighborhood. I'm glad you haven't lost your sense of humor entirely.



have you heard of outpost? it's on fulton street and classon??? similarly vibed coffee joint.

Livin 11225

Thank god, I'm so tired of having to wake up to Maxwell House w/ bad milk. Maybe even I could grab a fresh muffin (not one that is pre-package and could be carried on the space shuttle). Perhaps even some prompt and friendly service...


i have lived in this neighborhood almost all of my life, and no-one cared about it. but now that "other" people are moving in, it's the new place to live. this neighborhood has always been across the park, it was the part that no-one wanted to visit. i will be working extremely hard in not allowing my culture to fade away.

Livin 11225

Is a cafe really going to make "your culture" fade away? Is that your point? It might be a place for people in the community to get together and meet their neighbors, explore the marketplace of ideas. I don't know, I always hear people pine away about the good old days, but life is fluid and especially neighborhoods in big cities, constantly changing. If things never changed, man we'd be in for trouble.


Hello. I am the owners' niece. I just thought you'd like to know... they are, most likely, going to name the Café

"K-Dog & Dunebuggy('s) Café". But, that might change.

What do you think of it?

livin 11225

I really liked Q, but hey not our call.

I like K Dog and maybe name a drink or a sanwich after Dunebuggy.

You can do a bunch of things w/ K Dog, a little hip hop, maybe more canine. Your call, but some cool possibilities.


Yeah. We're probably going to have the logo be a dog, with a K somewhere. K-dog is a nickname for my cousin, the owners' older boy. Dunebuggy is what we call their baby girl. :)

livin 11225

I love stuff like that, keep it tied to the family. Cool. Can't wait for it to open.


Very cute...love the background on the name.


They're planning to open next Wednesday!

Be there for the grand opening! (It might not be Wednesday, I'll update.)

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