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They probably are having the same troubles as F Line Bagels on 4th Ave with the MTA


Maybe the name should have Prospect or Lefferts in it.

I'm just saying

How about "Across the Perk"?


On the "Across the Perk" with a Prospect vibe, how about PROSPECT PERK? LEFFERTS LOUNGE?


How about Good Prospects?


Hi, I'm opening this cafe and we changed the name because there are way too many "Q's" around. We decided to name it something silly because it's unique and memorable and we're pretty silly anyway. So it's going to be called K-Dog & Dunebuggy after my kids nicknames. We thought about all sorts of puns (there's already a Prospect Perk)and many other catchy and not so catchy titles. (My 31/2 yr old son suggested Hamburger of the Dead but since we're not serving burgers and we're not dead it didn't really fit.)Thanks for all your suggestions, keep them coming. We should be opening around the 22nd if all goes as planned, which it rarely does in this business, and if someone comes up with something really fabulous before then we might just change the name, well maybe.


I thought of the name The Lincoln Cafe (TLC) but that seems so boring compared to K-Dog & Dunebuggy! I like the Across The Perk idea, but does seem close to Prospect Perk (www.prospectperk.com). I think K-Dog & Dunebuggy is great because it is fun and personal. And think of the potential logos! I do have to say that Hamburger of the Dead is not bad either, my husband is a big zombie movie fan... I've heard plenty of people say "I'm dead until I've had my coffee" or something to that effect. We'll be moving into PLG in March and we're very excited. I'm glad this blog has started and the yahoo group is so active. Keep it up ATP!

Suzy Cusack

nyc123 signify when you move here and/or come in to K- Dog; we want to meet you! Welcome to PLG


I think K-Dog and Dunebuggy is a fabulous name! Can't wait for this place to open!


I am concerned about the name "K-Dog and Dunebuggy". I'm sure your kids are absolutely adorable. However, as names for a Cafe, they are hard to remember and may confuse or alienate people. Can you see it now? "Let's go to - what's that place called again"? You'll be known as "that coffee shop by the train." This place is so important to the neighborhood. It will become an anchor and a hub. Go for something BRIEF and CATCHY that everyone can latch on to quickly and easily.

I think "Q Cafe" is actually quite perfect. I wouldn't worry about the F-line bagel problem in an earlier post - they have completely mimicked the "F" train logo. There's no copyright on the letter Q - just don't try to mimic the MTA's logo.


By the way - even if you don't call it "Q Cafe" I am pretty sure a number of people will call it that anyway.


Gee, thanks Ed.


PS You can call it K-Dog if you like, pithy enough?




Q is trendy and perhaps overdone but if combined with B then it is unique. The QB Cafe - almost the Cupid Cafe. Noodle on, I am not thrilled with the kids nicknames as your moniker. Bon Chance and more.


Good luck! Keep the prices sane and you should do great (I think Morgies' prices were a bit too high).


Come on, K-dog and Dunebuggy's is perfect! It's funny, and cute, and it's got family ties, and if you can't remember it, you can just call it K-Dog's. It's cool! It'll be a great place, anyway. No matter WHAT the name is! :)


Thanks, Sady, but we know you're biased.


Sorry, folks. I gotta vote with the "give it another name" contingent. Gary's suggestion makes me think of something like "BQEats." (Ok, I hear the groans. Thank God for the anonymity of blog postings):)

But whatever you call it, I look forward to your opening and helping you to keep it that way!

BTW, do you have a new opening date yet?


I think it's opening on Wednesday (Ash Wednesday). Glowe?

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