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They also got the eastern border wrong - it's New York Avenue, not Nostrand.


I think they are including the walking time to the subway. The train ride may be 15 minutes but if you are sitting at home on Midwood and realize that you were supposed to meet a friend in Chinatown in 15 minutes you should probably call and say that you are going to be a little late.


But Canal St is not downtown Manhattan. If you work on Wall St. the Q and B are pretty useless. If you're at Union Square, however, it's ideal -- I clock it at 20 -25 mins, including the interminable crawling from Atlantic Ave to the bridge (why does it always do that?). Over on Nostrand, however, once the 2 or 5 arrives, and you're actually able to get on, Wall St. is only 20 mins away or less.


No, the Q and B are NOT useless if you work on Wall Street. Don't you see everyone get off every morning at DeKalb Avenue? They cross the platform, and take the M to Wall Street. After DeKalb it's two local stops in Brooklyn (Metrotech and Court Street) before you reach Wall Street/Broad Street. I bet it takes LESS time to get to Wall Street than it does 14th Street because the train doesn't cross the bridge.


Ooh, that's an alternative I never thought of -- so not used to this M train thing. However, you do have to commute during the hours the M is running. Like the 5, it stops relatively early in the evening (I think) -- like by around 6:30 they're already turning all the 5 trains into Utica Ave bound at 14th St, even though the signs say that it runs there until 7:45.

livin 11225

I've caught a 5 at 42nd St. up unitl around 7:15 maybe even 7:30. I think it runs until 8 pm (ie the last train that gets to Flatbush at 8), if I'm not mistaken. So it might depend on where you are on the line, but yeah the rush hour service creates a wrinkle.

I too didn't know about this M option, thanks for the tip.

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