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Bob M

"Does our Historic District designation prevent aesthetically objectionable development?"

Sure, IN the Historic District(roughly all of Lefferts Manor plus Sterling and Lefferts between Bedford & Nostrand). In the rest of PLG, there's nothing to prevent the kind of dreck you pictured on Underhill, although fortunately there's nothing THAT ugly to date. The new houses on the W. side of NY Ave., north of Maple, are positively georgeous by comparison.


I don't know of any empty lots in Lefferts Manor. I believe every landmarked house still stands. Outside in the greater Prospect Lefferts Gardens area I can only think of one or two empty lots, both along Bedford Ave.

Bob Marvin

I think there are some empty lots on the west side of New York Ave.There are also several on the south side of Parkside, west of Bedford. There may be a number of others on blocks between Nostrand and New York Aves.

Adrian Lesher

As Tom has noted, there are vacant lots on Bedford in PLG. My block, Sterling, has a vacant lot on the corner of Bedford which I believe was sold in a federal customs auction awhile back.

The front of any facade would probably face on Bedford Avenue, which seems to be included in the historical district, at least in the map I am consulting.

For this reason, I don't think any really out-of-character architecture would be legal.


Au contraire folks. Take a walk down Lincoln between Rogers and Nostrand and you will find the ugliest new dreck you've ever seen being constructed as we speak. It breaks my heart.

Bob Marvin

Oh well--at least we will not be able to see Atlantic Yards from our windows :-(


Is Lincoln bet Rogers and Nostrand landmarked?? If so I assume it only goes for existing structures then..


No. That block isn't landmarked. Anything that gets built on a landmarked block needs LPC approval.


OK then, the Bedford Lot would need LPC approval. Anything goes on Lincoln bet Rogers and Nostrand

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