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PLG rez

I'd like to know what place has the best Roti. Or anything other food for that matter. The contenders are Mike's Ali's, Islanders, Lenny's.


What about what's the best use for the Phat Albert building? Assuming Phat Albert will vacate.


why are cars allowed to park on the sidewalk outside of the MTA's parking lot at Empire/Ocean and Flatbush? what would happen if that was allowed in other neighborhoods?

Adrian Lesher

Don't forget Gloria's roti on Nostrand Avenue.


What are the public schools like?
Where can young people get involved in sports and/or other creative after school activities?
How can small business owners apply for grants and/or low interest loans?
Who is the best public official to contact for the communities needs and issues?

Sunset Parker

Reiterate the first commenter: "Where's the best roti?" 3 million brooklynites are dying to know. (Even if they don't know it yet).

In Sunset Park we've got great Caribean food (of the latin variety: Dominican, Puerto Rican, even some Cuban), but are always itching to check out the more African-influenced island-vittles of Haiti, Antigua, Jamaica and all the rest...

Always found the "legendary" Christie's patties on Flatbush on the Slope/Prospect Heights border to be overly-greasy and overrated, so even a good reccomendation on a proper meat patty would be appreciated.


Hey Sunset Parker - nice to see you in our little corner of the borough. Your blog rocks.


livin 11225

can we get someone to develop that site on Lincoln Rd.? What retail should be there: Movie Theatre, Book Store, Bank, drug store.


What can be done about the ongoing loitering problem on many Flatbush corners?

How can we get some decent stores in the area?

What can we do to push up the relatively cheap prices and keep the market from crashing further?


What can we do to get more police presence? What do they do for the community? Where are they?


i'm moving (back) to the neighborhood after several ways away in the west indian promised land, flatlands. can you guys say put in questions in there about basic services like the best hardware store, bank branch, supermarket, etc?

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