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Yes, the old trains have certainly been a negative stigma on PLG. How they rumble up with their war torn faces, thousand yard stare and grafitti on their bellies. This will certainly do wonders to keep trouble makers of the trains because once they see that the new trains have become pretty and boring they will certainly not ride it and probably take the two or the five instead. Another possibility is that they will walk or take a taxi to other neighborhoods where they can then catch a train more
sympathetic to their own destructive lifestyles. PLG Forever!


Dude you wrote 'of' instead of 'off'. Holy shit. This is getting really bad. I'm sorry. It's okay. Do you still love me? You know I do. Hold me.


Not ride it? Oh Jesus I've lost control of all grammatic and spelling control. Save me Ed! Save me! I take everything back. Everthing! Although, everyone knows you are a Jovian spy collecting bio-life samples for her Empress Salia for possible future genetic farming and atmospheric cultivation measurements. So which moon has paid you the necessary Fillions to ruin us? The Galactic Solarium of Io? Ganymede Trust and Tentacle Bros? Callisto Graft or Europa Skin Replications! OUT with the Aliens! I mean, I'm sorry. I like you Ed it's just that i've seen you devour an entire dog with the mouth on the side of your stomach that you try and hide and those boys on the corner have seen you too. It's just that I'm not used to that sort of thing and that was a friendly dog. STOP EATING DOMESTICATED ANIMALS, THEY ARE OUR PETS!


Thanks for making me actually laugh out loud Harry on this grumpy morning!!!


Harry, are you alright?


I'll have what Harry's having!
Happy thanksgiving everyone!


does anyone know how to get the B train to stop at Parkside Avenue? It stops at Prospect Park and then again at Church, but skips right past Parkside where many many people are waiting. Any ideas on how to make this happen?

PLG rez

Sort of like asking for the 4/5 to stop at Astor Place... The B is an express train.

Parkside is not an express stop, whereas Prospect Park is. If you want to get on the B you have to get on at Prospect Park or Church. It skips many stops after Prospect Park...


The slowing between Atlantic and Dekalb cannot change because of the following reasons:
1) A few years ago, a toddler feel out of the subway car through the train's interior "car to car" doors because of the speed
2) The turn from Atlantic to Dekalb is HUGe! If the train speeds up at a turn that large, derail can happen.

Safety is MTA's biggest concern - your safety.
So be glad they're taking precuation to slow down the trains. I dont really mind anyway since Brooklyn Technical High School is just out of Dekalb.

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