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PLG rez

That's really unfortunate. Some people have nothing better to do than try to undermine others' efforts.

I wonder if this person is trying to squander the positive vibe ATP gives out about PLG. Like some anti-gentrification nut who cannot express themselves in a mature fashion.

Bob M

Too bad--that's a lot of extra work for you, but at least it'll keep that distructive a**hole out. I wish J Brownstoner did the same thing on a consistant basis.


As someone whose identity was co-opted on a regular basis, I'm a bit relieved by this new development. I hope that it's not too much of a burden for the folks at ATP tho!


Truly sorry for you ATP -- and I wish everyone a Happy New Year, too!


Rude behavior is what makes the web fun. Bstoner almost killed his site with the incredibly dumb idea of barring anonymous posts--and I'm sure this even dumber idea will drive off at least half of the 12 people who bother to post here. Nothing personal ATP, but really bad move.

Harry In Shorts

That blows.


I don't think the comments ATP is singling out are just "rude." There are plenty of rude comments that ATP has not objected to, but the comments in question used other peoples' handles and posted links to porn - it really takes away fromt the site when the discussion is about "don't click that link!! The troll is back!" instead of what's going on in PLG.


I'm thrilled ATP is taking this step, and I don't think it's "incredibly dumb" at all. In fact, I think it keeps the debate on point. The romanticization of mindless, rude, free-for-all, idiotic behavior is not only what's wrong with our blogs, it's what's wrong with our streets. Frankly, I think ATP is taking a step in the right direction on numerous levels. Face it, folks, it's time to take out the trash.


The responsible thing, it seems to me, is to ignore the troll until he goes away, not make sweeping changes to the way people post and exchange information here. Trolls do what they do because they want attention. Deprive them of attention and they go away.

Granted, if ATP vets the posts before they're published, this will also get rid of the troll. However, it'll also get rid of a spontaneity that's valuable and fun. We might be throwing the baby out with the bathwater here.

It also galls me to think that the troll might derive some satisfaction out of forcing these changes upon ATP.

I think the change is a bad idea, though I see the rationale for it and will respect whatever decision is finally made.


I think it's naive to think that trolls will go away simply when we ignore them. In fact, reality proves otherwise. It's easy to maintain such a point of view when the troll isn't writing on your behalf.

Yes, it's a minor nuissance to have to wait to see your comments. I'm one of the few people who post often enough to be truly affected by the delay. But I don't mind a bit because of what we gain as a result. And let's face it - we're not having conversations in real time on a blog, so the delay is no big deal.

Let's not overanalyze this folks. The troll is gone. It was necessary. Now, ATP - let's post a new topic for conversation and get back on point.

Harry In Shorts

I agree with Rutlander. I doubt I should bother with this site being restricted to the good taste of our generous hosts. No offense, of course.

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