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This looks like the OBGYN office that used to be next to the Flatbush Ave Q stop.


GW got it right, what does this contestant win ATP?


GW wins the chance to find a worthy investor for the property. An investor who will bring good things to PLG... like a cool burger joint.


I want a real breakfast place with pancakes/french toast, bagel sandwiches, and really good omlettes!

Harry BoBerry Banana Fanna

I want a taxidermist than moonlights as a dentist!

PLG Resident

I want a new Afro-Caribbean restaurant. With great lighting and, non-tinted glass windows and sidewalk tables.


I can't tell if that was a serious suggestion or sarcasm, but I'll assume the former.

I agree that nicely designed neighborhood establishments are crucial and largely lacking; however, I think we have an abundance of places to get afro-caribbean food. Perhaps one (or more) of the existing afro-caribbean restaurants (like Mike's) should get a makeover.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood could definitely use some new cuisines as well.

Keely Weiss

I second the nomination for a breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant--one like the Silver Spoon, perhaps?


Is anyone opposed to having a small graphic design firm (currently located in Manhattan) move into one of those medical offices? I've been looking into purchasing one of the buildings and would love to be part of your community. We're not a restaurant, but I'll make sure that we always have a fresh pot of coffee to share.

PLG rez

It would be excellent having a graphic design firm in that space. More business traffic during the day can only help existing businesses.

Go for it!!!


Cool! Thanks so much for the encouragement. We're working on making it happen, and I'll keep you posted. :)

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