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ocean ave

I'm wondering where the candidates stand on truck traffic in the area. I live on Caton and Ocean Avenue, which seems to be the main route between New Jersey and Kennedy airport. The fumes, pollution and noise are terrible!


Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke today endorsed Dr. Mathieu Eugene in his campaign to succeed her in representing the 40th District in the New York City Council.


I figured there was a connection when I was stopped to sign a petition to get his name on the ballot outside of her (former) offices on Flatbush. Quite honestly, Ms. Clarke's recommendation has the opposite effect on my opinion, but I'd still like to hear more from Dr. Eugene himself. I assume he'll be at this meeting?

Harry In Shorts

The best place to stand when there is any sort of truck traffic involved is probably the sidewalk.

livin 11225

This endorsement by YC is a big bet by her, I would have thought she would have waited until the field narrowed a bit. The whole point of having her mother endorse Dr. Eugene was (I thought) to give YC the ability to sit back and see not only what a Clarke endorsement would do, but also how the public would respond to the endorsement of Dr. Eugene. Very suprised to YC to jump in so quick, still three weeks to go. Maybe everyone loves this guy, anyone have any substantive knowledge of this bloke?

Never met Dr. Eugene, but I sure hope that he can make it to the forum on the 13th. Hopefully some/most of us make it and show the candidates a good time.


The Times mentioned Yvette Clarke's endorsement this morning, calling the candidate Mr. Eugene throughout (I though he was a medical doctor?). He is, apparently, a figure of some renown in the Haitian American community. I look forward to hearing more from him on the 13th.


Check out the debate on Room 8:


If you think it is important that you live in the district, this is some interesting reading.


Interesting comments there, livin11225, thanks!

I posted this on another thread, but thought it could go here as well, if some people haven't seen it there:
Some information on the various candidates' opinion on a variety of issues can be found here:

Zenovia McNally's responses to both the affordable housing and Atlantic Yards questions certainly seem the most thoughtful and knowledgeable of the bunch. And note that Harry Schiffman who "wholeheartedly" supports AY is also the only candidate not to say he hasn't taken any campaign contributions from RE developers...hmmm...

livin 11225

Seems like there isn't much interest in this election here, but just in case, here is a link to the The Observer which reports that Zenobia was endorsed by the Lambda Independent Democrats.


Teak T

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