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Why are we only designating beween two categories of restaurants - "caribbean" and "non-caribbean"? Since when did caribbean food become a major cuisine?

I vote for categorizing PLG eating establishments into those that give you "the runs" and those that don't. Caribbean food and Enduro fall into the former category, at least for me.

Maybe that's what we need in PLG! Food that doesn't give you the runs!!! Perhaps a place that offers non-spicy, vegetable oriented meals? Lord knows I spend enough time on the john with my laptop reading this blog.

PLG rez

Some people, like me, like Caribbean food (I'm white and Jewish). And I really don't need to know anything about your bowels, Ed.

It's really unfortunate that in general Ed can't help himself from doing his best to dominate ATP. I say from here on in we ignore him - base your comments on your own opinions, not Ed's.


Actually, caribbean food is fine. I was kidding!


P.s. - I love PLUS. I think it's just about the best thing to come out of PLG in ages. It's like the bureaucratic enactment of K-Dog (which it predates) - it's ambitious, multi-partisan, unoffensive, and fearless.


Yes, PLG Rez, you shouldn't focus on me so much. In fact you shouldn't really speak of the neighborhood in terms of me vs. everyone else, should you?


Ooh, that's a relief Ed -- I was beginning to be worried about your health -- sounded like you needed to see a doctor about those digestive problems!

And, yes, Caribbean is a major cuisine (just Google it and see what you get), and really the first fusion cuisine out there, representing a mix of Chinese, Spanish, French, African, Native American, and other cuisines, as all of these cultures have influenced the area, as you know (my absolute favorite is Jamaican Chinese, however, Naomi Campbell's anger management issues aside). Vegetable (and vegetarian) dishes are an imprtant part of Caribbean cuisine, especially the Jamaican Ital tradition (which is vegan). And there's a very good Ital restaurant on Nostrand just on the other side of Empire Boulevard -- now you've got another reason to come over that way!


Related question - whatever happened to PLGNA?

Charles Star

If Carribean cuisine isn't a major cuisine in PLG, where is it? Kingston?


There are as many chinese restaurants/take-out as there are caribbean establishments, for example. I think PLUS feels a need to cater to vocal caribbean residents, cuz lord knows they get pissy when no one is kissing their a$$es.


Just kidding, again! Really, many of the oldtimers in the neighborhood are as sweet as can be - nary a beligerent, crabby one in the bunch!


Ed I have to say I read your first post and busted out laughing. I've had a crappy day so keep up the ...uhm humor. Be it biting, sarcastic or otherwise.


I'm an awful person who spends all Friday in confession and all Sunday in church atoning for my malevolent ways... And did you know "Ed" is short for "Edna"? That's right, Sister Edna Maria from St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Carroll Gardens. We don't get out much, so this blog is the shining star of my otherwise hum-drum existence!

Mark Dicus

We have an ambitious agenda this year. Thanks ATP for the plug, if anyone on here wants to be a part of these projects, send me an email.


That's ok I used to do work with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in San Francisco. We decided to do a condom hand out on a Jesuit Catholic College Campus, yes the one with the big ass church.

The sisters got me into Bothersom Brotherhood of the BigHeaded and FatBottomed, of The Three Men Make a Tiger Temple. We are a very outspoken and brutally honest group. We do local outreach in corporations helping employees recover from addictions to post-it notes, staplers and free them from the need to horde cubicle clutter.

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