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Fewer than 6,000 people voted and the Dr. won with fewer than 2K votes. Sad turnout.


Mathieu Eugene, NP 2,013 - 34 percent
Jennifer N. James, NP 898 - 15 percent
Wellington Sharpe, NP 704 - 12 percent
Harry L. Schiffman, NP 445 - 8 percent
Jesse E. Hamilton, NP 438 - 7 percent
Mohammad A. Razvi, NP 417 - 7 percent
Joel G. Toney, NP 366 - 6 percent
Leithland R. Tulloch, NP 286 - 5 percent
Zenobia McNally, NP 253 - 4 percent
Karlene A. Gordon, NP 64 - 1 percent


The legacy of the congresswoman who couldn't finish college continues on...


Okay, so he got 2,013 when all the votes were counted. There are over 60K eligible voters in the 40th district...

Bob M

Well, we could hardly expect a large turn-out and Eugene did win overwhelmingly. I just hope the impression I formed at the HDC-sponsored forum was wrong--wouldn't be the first time.


The only thing this "overwhelming" win indicates to me is that when most people DON'T vote in an election, a mobilized special-interest group gains quite a bit of leverage.


Ah yes, special interests. It's pretty easy for them to get a foothold on neighborhood blogs, too. Isn't it, Ed.

Harry In Shorts

I love the smell of Dr. Eugene in the morning; smells like...victory.


Smells like B.O.

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