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You guys should stop knocking the hair and nail salons. They help keep people on the streets around here at all times, making them safer. If you don't believe me, trying going to the Bronx or any "developing" neighborhood that doesn't have businesses open late at night. Unless a neighborhood is super-rich (and sometimes even when it is) dark commercial blocks just don't feel right at night.



Of course, I'd love a more upscale grocier, preferably one that stays open late-night.

PLG rez

Uh... I don't think losing this nail place would spell the end of the trade in our area. this one isn't open late either.


A whole foods store is low on my priority list. I'd like to see another decent restaurant - perhaps one that serves better food than Enduro.


Open late? How late is late? Have you ever worked retail with a cash register and as the evening progresses the foot traffic slows down. You're waiting for maybe a few more customers. Again, how late is late?




I missed the discussion on the "tiny space" but I can tell you how people afford the store rents around here...

Many of the businesses don't pay all the rent and sort of limp along for years. This includes a lot of the bodegas. The landlords put up with it because there isn't a huge demand for retail space here. Kick out your tenant and you're likely to only replace it with another bodega (or such) that also sporadically pays the rent.

Half the rent every month consistently is better than high turnover and even less rent. The time will come when demand here is high, but many merchants around here pay a fraction of what they are supposed to. That's why it seems like "how could so-and-so business possibly survive?"

The answer: is they can't. And for the landlords who do insist on full rent, those are the storefronts you see constantly rotating business every three to four months and/or with empty storefronts.


Yes and there are places that do absolutely NO business and pay with illicit gains. I know of at least one for absolute certainty.


Given the posting about rents/landlords how and why would Whole Foods even consider this location for a store. This area can barely support the subway.


I'm not crazy about the Whole Foods idea, but I am certain that there is a large market for a number of services and goods that do NOT exist in the neighborhood.

Charles Star

"I don't think losing this nail place would spell the end of the trade in our area. this one isn't open late either."

I'll (mostly) ignore the condescending "Uh..." and just say that the general point - whether or not you patronize a particular salon, there are advantages to having active businesses open late - still stands.

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