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Agreed. Would be nice if they would have offered something else. All we can do is hope they go the way of the Fireside...up in smoke.


Up in smoke? That's the last thing we would want. Succesful businesses keep Flatbush Ave lively and friendly.

The people need to support local business as best as we can.

By the way, Enduro was pretty quiet last night and the chicken with cornbread special was excellent (when I salted it a bit)



it seems City Jerk is going to be owned (run) by the same guy that had Fireside. Are they still looking for a cook?

PLG rez

I hope the guy took a workshop on how to run a business or something. I would not be surprised if they again tried to run the place w/o a cook.


"keep Flatbush lively and friendly"???

Are we talking about the same Flatbush Avenue that exists between Empire Boulevard and Parkside???

I don't think lively or friendly are very appropriate adjectives. How about depressed, dirty and skanky?


Ed, you always make me laugh...

Let me know if anyone tries it. I've been looking for something different to order lately. ...hmmm, but yeah, no cook? How do they open without a cook?

Is it me or would you expect a new eatery have a cook ready to work, before they even have a place??


Unfortunately, odd, that doesn't seem to be the way many things work around here -- witness the Inkwell, which on the night of their "soft" (very) opening told people they were "auditioning" cooks -- and I guess they didn't find anyone they liked...

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