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The asking price of $889,000 seems low, given the house's location, size and its parking. Is the price so low on account of the house’s proximity to the still-gentrifying buildings nearby? Is the asking price set artificially low to induce a bidding war? Are prices in the area generally retreating? What gives?


ATP, do we know where/why Dan is moving? Or maybe that's confidential...just curious.


"Greener, undisclosed pastures."

Are you moving in with your bud Marty Markowitz?


Good Luck to Dan and his family...
It is sad to see him leave, since he is so involved in this neighbourhood's life, and to see that he is leaving "reluctantly". Whatever his reasons are, they must be good ones, and it must have been a tough choice.
Thanks Dan, for creating "Planet PLG", and for all your work for this neighbourhood. Any chance you or someone else in PLG might carry-on the web-site ?


Bombs, this seems on target or even high to me. The high-end renovated 3 and 4 story limestones in the manor sell for over a million, but even in the manor the small brownstones and brick houses tend to sell for around 900K, give or take. This house looks really sweet.


For all my complaining about the political agenda of the site, this is a truly big loss for the neighborhood.

Bob M

Dan--you'll really be missed. Good luck on your "interplanetary" travels.


I agree! Even though I disagreed with Dan's political perspective (or lack of one) his presence will be missed!

Will Dan be directing traffic to this site now?

Rina Kleege

Dan's blog brought a sense of community to our neighborhood; he was the first (at least that I knew about) and he did (does) a great job. We wish the best to a great neighborhood guy.


it wasnt a blog..it was a website. there was no section for people to comment or have dialogue


Im looking to rent a parking space on or near Ocean Ave. Any info? Please contact me....


I hear that I was dead wrong on the pricing of Dan's house. A neighbor told me it got mutiple bids and sold for around 950K to 975K. In retrospect, I clearly underestimated the appeal of living directly on the park. It's good to see that a "well-priced" house in PLG can still sell quickly--perhaps Brown Harris will try that approach on it's other listings, most of which have been for sale since summer. I'm glad Dan and his family got a good price!


just wanted to see if anyone knew who bought the house at 185 ocean? there are rumors going around that it is a tearown and that a condo building will be taking it's place. would love to know...


The house sold for 1.2M to a contractor who bought it sight unseen and used a substantial amount of cash to seal the deal. The buyer's claim to the Canales is that his plan is to renovate the structure and then move his family over from Crown Heights to occupy it. Meanwhile, the rumors that 185 will be a teardown, to be replaced by a condo building are rampant. However, it's a bit too early to know for certain just what will happen.

If anything, though, this whole matter highlights the vulnerability of the park-bordering homes on Ocean Avenue, none of which currently have landmark status.


That wouldn't surprise me. The zoning allows for a 12,000 sq. ft. building. Any good developer would make a condo there. However, there is either an implied or express easement with the neighbor to share the driveway.

I don't think a condo is a bad idea in that location, provided they don't throw up crap.

Maybe we could get a Richard Meier loft building on OUR SIDE of the park.

Bob M

This should be a wake up call for thyose who want to preserve the row of brick and limestone houses on Ocean. This row should be part of an extended PLG Historic District.


The new owner does intend to tear the current structure down for a new development. Don't ask me how I know...but I know.


ok zimba, i won't ask how...but do what else do you know?

the co-op building next door faces the house and lot and development would effectively cancel ALL natural light that many of the apartments on that side of the building get. yes, i live there....

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