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PLG rez

The Post says $29M, but the daily news coverage is much more detailed. Any images available?


There are no images of what the Lakeside Center will look like yet - they still have to design it. The PPA did release two images showing the current and new location of the rink - I put them together here:



PLG rez

Thanks Dan.

Hmm, no more parking lot it appears. I have to say, I think that's good. Anything to discourage vehicle traffic in the park is a good thing in my book.


I believe the plan is to create a new, smaller parking lot on the new site.


Tod and Billie are very design-oriented, competent architects. I think they'd put together a thoughtful and contextual design that would probably not impede too much on the park. Of course, how much gets built is ultimately not in their control (they are the designers, not the people coming up with the giant program. Yikes, TWO rinks???).

Anyway, Williams' & Tsien's work is fairly elegant and clean, using simple forms with an emphasis on materials. Could be a very exciting project.


This article has more details on the rink design (including square footage and the fact that it will be a "green" rink).


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