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Bob M

OMG--we're becoming the new Billyburg :-)


PLG sage Buzz has been predicting the billyburgification of PLG since I met him. He may be on to something (finally).

franz fanonymous

film is not cinema is not interesting.


film is not cinema is not interesting is not interesting. "hipsters" are not interesting. and hipster graffiti is not welcomed. go back to Williamsburg....go now...do not stop.....go

PLG rez

I don't think it's fair to take a blanket attitude towards a group labeled as "hipsters." So they're young a dress with style. So what?


Yeah! Graffiti is the province of poor blacks and latinos! How dare white people get involved!

franz fanonymous

that was my point joseph.


that graffito is everywhere in lower manhattan-- "ana peru" seems to take credit-- and so indicates nothing really at all about who lives in PLG.


You can't stop gentrification; no one can, no one has - ever. The only way to stay is to own. Otherwise, just move on to the next undiscovered area. Regard the graffiti as the canary in the coalmine.

richard blakeley

i'm a film grad from pratt, i've been here for about a year, i love it and i'm not leaving, mwahahaha!

all your base are belong to us


That little scrawl has been at the Prospect Park station for almost a year.
Who's coming Sunday to Flatbush Ave to clean up the grafitti??


This now has been altered to say "Film, Cinema actually pretty similar" or something like that.

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