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Bob M

Well, FWIW, these are the top three candidates from the abortive special election:

Mathieu Eugene, 2,013 - 34 percent
Jennifer N. James, 898 - 15 percent
Wellington Sharpe, 704 - 12 percent

The other seven candidates each got single digit percentage figures.

AFAIK Jennifer James is also a non-resident (although this might have changed). That would leave Wellington Sharpe, about whom I know little, other then that he's been a perennial candidate. Does anyone know:
a. if he's a resident?
b. what else there might be to recommend him?

Obviously, if only one candidate ran against Dr. Eugene, he'she might well win. However,I think that is quite unlikely. However, who knows?--this has been such a strange election.

franz fanonymous

you should run bob. let's call you dr. bob marvin, i have no problem with that.


Yeah, Dr. Bob, go for it. You'd have my vote too!


Wait until the primary in September, that's what Jennifer is going to do.

Bob is absolutely right, she had the same issue that Eugene had. She's moved in, but she thinks she's going to get tagged with on the residency issue, so she's sitting this one out.

let's face it, the residency issue resonates w/ a handful of people, most voters understand that candidates move around.

There are a host of things that may trouble us about Dr. Eugene, but he won. He is going to be our Council Member, let's just hope PLG is on his map and he wants our input in how he can improve our part of the district.

Bob M

Franz and Widget,

LOL; If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve :-) [but I ALWAYS wanted a chance to say that--thanks!]

And BTW, I'm an "ABD" never finished my dissertation, so I can't call myself "Dr." (what can I say?--I have more self-respect--and less chutzpah--than most politicians).


All I know about Wellington is, judging by the campaign paper blitz and phone calls, he must have had some healthy funding.


I don't know who else is running but there was someone collecting signatures for Harry Schiffman.

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