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WOAH!!! This is huge news for this side of PLG. Get rid of that McDonalds by Parkside, and we'll be on our way.

richard blakeley

if they got rid of the mcdonalds were will i get my filet-o-fish sandwiches then?

Harry In Shorts

Oh how I I love anything italicized. It's so personal. I imagine most people that smile without a reason as walking lower case letter slants. Italics are a zoom-in pleasantry of a co-centric circle of non-expression dismissed as an infinitely puny mole on the face of an uninteresting sentences. THERE'S ALSO BOLD which reeks of hubris and impotence to an issue of unconcern.


Actually, I use CAPS because I don't know of any other way to highlight text in my posts. But everyone thinks I'm yelling! I've been so misinterpreted Harry. I just wanna have fun.

Harry In Shorts

I just want Salma Hayek to need me.

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