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PLG rez

I'm sorry, but this guy is a total doofus. Some of us were really optimistic that we would finally get an effective, intelligent council rep in this area, but no dice.

I wish the courts had held to the law stating that anyone who volunteers not to take office cannot run again for the position. Really sucks that this guy somehow slipped by. also sucks that both Sharpe and Schiffman ran, splitting the opposition vote.


Even if Schiffman and Sharpe hadn't run, Eugene still had 51% of the meagre turnout of less than 5,000 voters. Pathetic.


And that's the most intelligent thing I've heard him say since he began his campaign.


Eugene's vote count was similar both times -- @ 2,000...first round ballots: @ 6,000; second round: @ 4,000

Xris (Flatbush Gardener)

"... the people ..." is in every other sentence Eugene has uttered in every public appearance. Senator Charles Palatine is our new City Council member.

Now I wonder how long he will take to swear that he "meets the criteria for office." He could drag this out another couple of months, I'm sure.

Voter turnout was about 70% that of the first election. I was surprised it was that high. Eugene got 5% more votes than in the first election. Schiffman got over 100% more, and Sharpe got about 25% more.


Isnt' that a picture of Billy Ocean?

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