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Ainslie Binder

A great time was had by one and all, young and old. It's amazing what a little TLC can do! Let's hope the users and residents of Lincoln Road maintain the new landscaping!


It's a much needed injection of LUV for the nabe!

Mark Dicus

Well here we are one week later and the smell of fresh mulch is still on Lincoln Rd. Sorry it took so long to post ATP.

On Sunday May 20th a truck load of dirt, dozens of flowers and shrubs and over 30 neighborhood volunteers converged on Lincoln Road for Get Down and Dirty, a community greening project sponsored by Prospect Lefferts United for Services (PLUS). The project included cleaning out and mulching of 11 tree pits on Lincoln Rd. between Flatbush and Ocean Avenuie, the planting of 5 flower barrels and the planting of 3 large flower beds in front of 40 Lincoln Rd. During the Winter, PLUS was awarded a $500 grant from Citizens for NYC to coordinate the greening project on Lincoln Rd. PLUS then worked with the owner of 40 Lincoln Rd. to get a commitment to purchase over $1,300 worth of shrubs, flowers and dirt needed to plant the three flower beds if PLUS provided the manpower to plant the flower beds. May 20th was the culmination of weeks of organizing and in less than three hours, the block was transformed into a lucious green oasis filled with flowers and the pleasing smell of cedar wood chips. To see people from all over the PLG, youth and adults, working together to make a difference in their neighborhood was truly amazing. After the project was completed, about a dozen or so volunteers cleaned up and headed over to The Meytex Lounge for some well deserved cold refreshments and a delicious lunch served by the owner, Mercy Arhin.

We look forward to doing another similar project again. Special thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a success.

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