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Looks like our friends down on the park end of Lincoln had their awning torn off this week. They too are riding the wave of the future I guess with work beginning on their facade.

Bob M

Great news--it's VERY important to support existing businesses that make a real effort to accomodate a wide range of customers' needs.


Selection is still mediocre, but they are very nice. I buy my paper there, and they are friendly.


They have great Spanish style coffee - if you are a coffee drinker you owe it to yourself to try it. They also make excellent breakfast sandwiches.


I agree with Bob; they deserve all our support. They offer great customer service, and express appreciation for their customers. We often buy soy milk there, and other extras. It's where I'll grab a bag of nuts as a snack on my way to the subway. Little stuff, but the store really appreciates it.


I was disappointed last night that they didn't have kale. I couldn't believe that a grocery in this neighborhood didn't have greens. (In their defense, they are renovating near the produce section and may have lost some shelf space where the greens used to go.)


Charles, you should consider joining the new CSA. We'll be getting lots o kale! Check out the harvest schedule:



I want to! I sent an email to the CSA this morning asking if I could still get a half share; the website says the deadline was April 30.

PLG rez

I hope he gets new refrigerators. The relics used to keep dairy are inadequate - during the summer I do not purchase dairy there.


We really need to support Francisco, he's making an investment in his store and he needs help in figuring out what to put on the shelves once he finishes the renovation. He's in a tough spot as far as satisfying his customers both new and old. But he is trying and is willing to listen.

At 17 Lincoln, the landlord is participating in PLUS' storefront improvement program. At the end of the project we hope to have a graffiti free facade and brand new awnings and gates. New gates went up last week and facade work is to start in the coming weeks with awning to follow after that.


when's the MSS facade improvements happening? ending the storage of waste outside would be helpful, too...and not technically legal...


Speaking of outside waste, I'd love to see those barrels of broken glass outside the Pioneer on Parkside removed. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen...

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