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They probably meant Crown Lefferts (ahem). One apartment in "CL," one in Windsor Terrace and one in Flatbush. Good work for the PLG entry...

Bob M

Two out of five were actually IN our neighborhood--way to go NY Mag!

I've been looking for an article more recent than the one in AM New York last August, to reprint and give out at our advance HT ticket sales @ GAP--I guess this article isn't the one.

PLG rez

You would think that a journalist would spend 10 minutes talking to a resident before writing something for publication. oh well. i guess this will help maintain PLG's status as a best kept secret.


How can we get advance tickets w/o going to GAP?

Bob M


Advance PLG HT tickets will be available in a few days at many places including K-Dog. I'll post on the Lefferts Yahoo group when they're available and also send the info to the mysterious "Mr.ATP" who, I hope, will post it here. Mea culpa--advance ticket sales is one of the few jobs I still do for our HT and I'm running a little behind.

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