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Place looks good decor wise, but that's a RIDICULOUS price for a house with ONE full bath.


yeah! but for a DONE house with nothing else to do but expand a bath...small, small price tag.


ridiculous price?

Done much house shopping lately?


I in fact HAVE done some house shopping lately, and yes, this price seems high. If it was a 3-story maybe, but this place is a 2-story with English basement.

paulette hudson

hi guys,
i am also looking at the prospect of owning a brownstone. the prices are outrageous. if anyone knows where i can find a 2 family in lefferts garden that is in the $800.000 range please let me know.

Bob M


They're out there, I think, but to find them you'll have to walk around (most likely on the blocks between Rogers & Nostrand and Nostrand and New York), talk to people and look for "for sale" signs.
Good luck!

Yes, Paulette, anything east of Rogers Avenue like Bob Marvin states is probably your best bet...but hurry...time is running out. Soon the wider of plg will be considerated OUTRAGEOUSlY expensive too. -:).


1.5 Million to live in Flatbush? 450,000 Tops. No matter the adjectives used. it is still Flatbush.

450,000 is my final offer.

Lets see if you post this


uh huh, let's see if you can find a brownstone house for $450K anywhere in Brooklyn, let alone Flatbush.

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