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i get the ProspectPark connection, but to where on the east do the bike lanes connect?

Bob M

I noticed a new bike lane on Maple I also. Combined with our FOUR day/week alternate side parking this is going to be VERY inconvenient two days/week for people living on those blocks.

The Police have long "tolerated"double parking here during street cleaning hours.I've noticed that, in Park Slope, people "double park" in the middle of the street, next to the bike lanes.I wonder if that will catch on here?

Adrian Lesher

Bedford Avenue has a bicycle lane running from Atlantic Avenue down to Sheepshead Bay.

Bob M

"where on the east do the bike lanes connect?"

Bedford Ave. Bike lanes?


the lanes continue east at least as far as Nostrand, and perhaps further....haven't tracked 'em fully....bikers today sure seemed to enjoy 'em


Let's hope that the cops start ticketing all the double-parkers. Parking is not "inconvenient" enough.


Also, to the east, Lincoln and Maple will ultimately connect to new lanes running, I think, down 95th and 94th Streets terminating at Canarsie Pier. So, these lanes will provide Brooklynites with a waterfront-to-waterfront bike route, Red Hook to Jamaica Bay (with a park in the middle). Pretty cool if you axe me.


Cyclists safety at the price of your "convenience"... sounds fair.

It continues to disgust me that we devote the largest portion of our public space to free automobile storage...

I'm amazed at the indignation drivers display when cyclists encroach on the roads that they think belong to cars.

get over it.


I think the new bike lanes are a great addition to the neighborhood! By making it safer and more convenient to bicycle, hopefully this will encourage more people to ride their bikes instead of driving.


I'm hoping that's good ol' sarcasm I'm sensing in this post, as I'm sure I needn't remind anyone that a driver is encased by about 3000 lbs of metal, while a bike straddles about 20 lbs between his or her legs. READ: they need all the help, and bike lanes, they can get.


Here are some of the maps with bike lanes in Brooklyn



Life is Good!!


More and safer bike lanes = fewer drivers = less noise, less smog, more green space.

Streetsblog wrote about this post:


I watched the city crew doing the painting on Maple in front of my building... the lanes were not painted by pro-bike hoodlums. I was kinda hpoing they were there to fix that enormous manhole-related pothole on Maple.

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