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Well stated - this is absolutely my favorite eyesore. This renovation at the core of PLG will only add to the vitality of the neighborhood. No idea on the legality of splitting into a 3 family, but I'd not be opposed to it if tastefully done. Only real problem might be add'l strain on local parking, but then I believe this property has parking?

Tom G

Pretty sure that is not allowed. If it becomes a 3 family that would be a slap in the face of the Lefferts Manor covenant (Not that this owner hasn't been slapping the face of LM for years now).


The owner of this house is such an ass. Of course he can't turn it into a three family. Landmarks already stopped him from trying to turn it into an office building.

Bob M

I'd love to see this property renovated, however anything other than single-family use would violate both the Lefferts Manor Covenant AND zoning regulations. It would not surprise me if the present owner were to attempt to get approval for some prohibited use--AFAIK, he's done that before, with no success. He's unlilely to have better luck now.

To the best of my knowledge, the property is for sale, with a $900,000 asking price, far too high IMO, given the amount of work needed. I was speaking to two (apparent)contractors who were looking over the property about a week ago(I just happened to pass by and engaged them in conversation). Their opinion was that such a high price could only be supported (for someone looking to renovate the house and sell it at a profit) if similar houses sold for $3,000,000.


Where exactly is this house again?

Bob M

1860 Bedford Ave.--NW corner of Bedford & Midwood.

PLG rez

There is no application for a change in C of O listed on property shark.


This is a small building and really couldn't support 3 families. A full, high quality build out of this empty shell would cost at least $500,000 and take six months minimum. I don't think $900,000 is supportable, maybe $600,000 will fly.


Call me crazy but I could see it going for just under $900K. A smart broker would show potential buyers the similar house at the corner of Rutland for comparison so they could see what it can look like. A landmark house in the center of a landmark area, with a yard and (I think) parking? If I had that kind of cash I'd buy this place and fix it up myself.

Sure it needs a gut reno but that means you can do what you like with the inside - like the Lincoln road house on this year's house tour, which was such a nice breath of fresh air after seeing lots of dark wood victorian style interiors.

In many ways a gut reno is much, much easier than a partial reno (demolition is a snap, and putting in new plumbing and electric would be easy since there aren't any closed up walls).

Then again I haven't seen the inside of this place so maybe I'm wrong...


52 midwood was a bricked-up derelict when the owners bought it a couple of years ago for about $800K, I believe.
The owners did a total rehab, lived there for a year or so and sold it for $1.5M or so.
Maybe there was less work to do, or the house was marginally smaller, but it's basically the same kind of top-to-bottom job.
From what the owner of 52 midwood told me, they made good money, so why would this one be much different?
Get the sellers down below $850, spend $400K on rehab and sell it for $1.5M. .. presto!

Bob M


The house does indeed have a two car garage, although the door has been replaced with deteriorating plywood sheets for many years.

Tom G

the house was gutted three years ago when the doctor office renovation began. there is absolutely nothing inside this house. I went inside to see if I could salvage anything when they were demoing. And there was nothing at all left except for the framing.


I actually prefer the idea of nothing inside to a shoddily done gut rehab with no character (and I looked at MANY of those when I was actively house hunting last year). This is a real opportunity for someone to really make the house their own and do it right, as opposed to a flipper who is just doing it so that it "looks right" for resale.


btw I am not suggesting that the owner of 52 Midwood did a shoddy flipper's rehab (from what I hear it is pretty nice). But I of course do think that this house would be better off in the hands of a (brave) long term resident than a contractor looking to make a quick buck.


The city values 1860 Bedford at 916,000, so to purchase this house at 900k is on target. The similar house at Rutland is of a different scale...it was always well kept but the immediate owners have done a phenomenal job bringing this neighborhood gem to glory. So yes, any smart broker would try and get their customers access to this building.


Just heard another mention of this today with a neighbor in passing, regarding pending sale and commencement of renovations set to happen very very soon.

Anyone have additional details?

Same as mentioned above, or otherwise?

Do tell...


So someone spent the day clearing out all the long grasses, weeds and other overgrowth from the front yard today, right down to the soil.

Prepping for something, or just periodic clearcut?

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