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Wah??? They don't list our beloved S train?

Poor under appreciated S train. Someone should write a country song about you.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener)

We'll see what happens to the Q and B after all the condos are built. There are four under construction right now between Cortelyou and Church.


Anything is better than the 2 (and 5 at rush hour) -- I'd rather walk the ten minutes from my house to the Q. You could die of old age waiting for the 2, and when it comes it's always too crowded to get a seat -- at any time of day.


I love the S train.

But I do really love the Q/B from prospect park. I switched after walking to the A train at nostrand for a year. The difference between 90% and 98% is really astounding. 90% is the same as once every 10 days. This was definately true on the A. 98% is once every 50 days. Which is why I ride the Q or B.


I usually get a seat on the 2 when going to work in the morning (approx 8:30 am). I often take the 2 instead of the Q for that reason. I can sit and read a book, and I don't mid that it takes a bit longer since I have a seat. But the 5 is bad.

Q rider

What happens when Atlantic yards hit and tons of people start getting on all these trains?


The Q line rules, in every way. The B has so much potential but I find it harder to catch. And impossible to catch on the weekends :). I love our lines though.


Wow noq -- a seat on the 2 at 8:30 -- where do you get on? I'm at Sterling St., and that's never happened to me at that hour. The only way that would seem possible is if you're at the very front of the train.


babs -- Sterling at the back of the train. But sometimes I have to wait until Franklin Ave and someone gets up to switch to the 4/5.


I love the Q.. When I was looking for an Apt. I made sure that everyone I checked was on the Q line. I mean, its like 5 to 20 minuets to get almost everywhere...

Don't take the B as much, and the shuttle, well, thats just old Mr Reliable.

Q rules!!


Ever since July 22, 2001, i been taking the (Q) train. It gets me to wherever i need to go in minutes, it runs 24/7, and its always there and i never have to wait a long time for it. Believe it or not, it gets me to and from Manhattan more than the (B) does in minutes. I love the (Q) train.


I agree with everyone here that the Q trains is very fast especially in morning rush hour. However, if there is a problem with either the B or Q in the evening, MTA sends the Q express to Coney Island, dumping local stop passengers. This maintains their ontime record, but irritates Parkside (and other local stop) passengers.

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