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Bob M

Someone on the Lefferts Yahoo List suggested that "perhaps tonight we could bring cards, etc. to the Precinct at 7:30pm for a brief gathering to acknowledge this young man's life and to recognize the work of the colleagues he left behind." I think that's a very good idea--maybe we should also bring candles.


Not to sound so calculated, but when reading the summary of events- it sounds like the NYPD needs to change their procedure for dealing with such a situation. You can watch shows like COPS and even hick police don't just walk up to what they suspect is a stolen vehicle. Hopefully this will be an opportunity to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Dan on Lincoln

As I have stated on the lefferts/Yahoo listserv, PO Vinnie Martinos of the 71st Pct expects to have info on a fund for PO Timoshenko's family by Tuesday, July 17th. Upon receipt, I will disseminate. Also, the Lefferts Manor Assn Board is discussing what action they can take as well, on bahalf of Lefferts Manor, fbo PO Timoshenko and family.


Instead of worrying about stupid flyers and menus, maybe us in the PLG and Prospect Park South neighborhood should be focusing on more important matters such as the numerous shootings recently. Since July there have been many shootings; the 2 police officers, a man shot and killed on Parkside & Flatbush, a 17 year old killed at 5:30 in the afternoon on Woodruff & Ocean and most recently the 3 woman shot by a person on a bike. In order to make this neighborhood nicer, something needs to be done. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I am a single female living here and I have to say, at this point I’m really scared to be living here.

Bob Marvin

Dear "-"

Please tell us more about the "3 woman shot by a person on a bike". When? Where? Etc. I haven't heard about this.

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