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I don't understand why the landlords around here rent to these businesses that last for four months. Four months being the time that the landlord has never received rent and then closes down the merchant.

Why bother?


landlord gets a loss on the books & cash under the table


This business now has a prominent sign up. It's yellow and black and I believe the store name is "MBJ's Tailors" (or something like that). BTW, Lincoln Road, at different times, has been the home of at least two different tailoring businesses that I can remember. One was housed in the site now occupied by the nail salon and the other was in the location of this new business (or next door to it). Tailoring, like cooking, or beauty services are small business ventures that many ordinary people with the requisite skills will try their hand at. That's the "American Dream," is it not? And, believe it or not, lots of people around here are in need of a good tailor.

As for the flags, I would imagine they probably had them in stock around the time of the West Indian Day Parade. Such items would have been in demand, especially in this nabe, at that time. Meanwhile, specialty DVDs which target aficionados of African and Carribean culture have their market here as well.

In all, this business impresses me as one that is likely legitimate, and is seeking to attract the dominant neighborhood demographic, and is largely unphased by the views of most of us who have taken to opining about it here in cyberspace.

Adrian Lesher

Hiding there in plain sight is the neon sign which says the name of the business is "MBJ Tailoring/Alterations"


oh yeah there are no fronts in Flatbush... and I guess the 'dominant neighborhood demographic' (if you mean we Caribbean people, that's two b's one r, Ceelledee) doesn't need ganja... and of course the 'dominant neighborhood demographic' isn't 'phased' by this thread or any other blog... but thanks for the 'American Dream' sermon, and it has indeed often been bootleggers and slave traders who have transcended class and gotten rich here...

What do you think drives the economy of Flatbush... little flags?

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