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There was a sign in the window earlier this week saying it'll open on 9/28, ie today.


I tried it. The people are nice, but the food is meh.

Mr. T

Went in tonight. The food was okay, not as good as the other tatsus, but still good. What I had a problem with was the clientle, actually. It was as if they'd never seen a restaurant before. People wandered in from the street, arguing with eachother, wearing rollerblades, demanding menus, and yelling for shrimp. I was shocked and embarrassed. I felt just awful for the waitstaff.


Such declasse folks in Flatbush??? Say it isn't so!


We'll eat it. We won't care what it tastes like, if the success of this place means other new better amenities will follow.


my sushi was very fresh & good - udon good - sunomuno excellent - I'm glad it's here - oh yeah good tempura too! yum


Good enough to go back generally and the tuna was actually excellent.


We ate there last night. The food was good and the portions generous. The clientele were familiar with not only restaurants but Japanese food. Try the fried oyster appetizer. Oh, the 20% discount was nice too.



do they deliver?


I was there with 3 other people and we all liked the food. FWIW, the other couple had ordered from the Prospect Heights Sushi Tatsu and said this was much better.


Okay I tried it! I liked it. I thought it was better than the other Tatsu, as well. Also, I don't know the expiration for the coupons, but you can get 20% off if they are still running their grand opening coupons. They do deliver.

Oldtime PLGer

As we oldtime residents say, "There goes the neighborhood!!"


I think this is a really good place to dine in. I talked to the owner last time, he is really nice. The food they have is really good. I dont care how much i pay, SuSHi is Healthy and tasty/

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