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Bob Marvin

According to a poster on the Lefferts Yahoo Group, the address of this house is 267 Lefferts. There are a number of complaints and violations listed on the DOB website, including a Landmarks violation:


Let's hope the own will have to replace the improperly removed stoop.


Another Landmarks question -- it is legal to put satellite dishes on the front of a landmarked house? Everyone on my block has always put them on the roof, but as of today I noticed that two contiguous houses had installed them on the front -- this must have happened sometime last week.

Bob Marvin


Although I personally think putting satellite dishes on the fronts of landmarked houses is dumb, I THINK it's legal [although I'd love to be wrong about that].

IMHO these dishes should not only be placed on the roof, but installed far enough back so they're not visable from the street.


Hi Bob,

I asked a colleague who knows quite a lot about the subject and she has said that absolutely not, satellites on the front of a landmarked building are not legal -- nothing visible from the street can be done altering the appearance of a landmarked building. What you do with the non-visible parts is up to you -- so why not move those dishes to the back? And I noticed two other houses on Lefferts Ave between Bedford and Nostrand this morning with the dishes out front - all have been recently installed. Direct TV or whoever is putting them up should know that this is not in compliance with landmark designation as well -- it would save them and homeowners both time and money if they just complied from the beginning.

Bob Marvin

Thanks Babs.

As I wrote the other day, I'm happy to be wrong about this.

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