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Found in all the finest neighborhoods. Bleh.

Lou Limer

Hi neighbors. I'm trying my best to get this place opened already because, quite frankly, I could use a drink after this whole process.
I've had my license approved for months now, its really some finishing construction and decorative touches that need to be completed at this point. It should be open softly in about 2 weeks and after the kinks are worked out we'll do something like a Grand Opening with Marty Markowitz giving us his blessing.
As far as the vibe, well, that's a tough prediction. It's really up to you PLG. Although I have my roots in the Carribean community being married to a Trinidian and owning a Roti Shop on Church with her and her family, we really don't want typecast the spot as "Carribeans Only" (besides I wouldn't be able to get in).
Instead, I wish to walk the line and keep the crowd as intergrated and dynamic as the neighbor in which it operates. Will there be Calypso nights?, Soca and Reggae? Yes. But there will also be old school funk nights too. Ultimately, we want to create a safe, fun place for everyone to enjoy that will contribute to the diverse mix that makes this unique little corner of Flatbush special.
Please feel free to contact me directly with comments, suggestions, employment opportunities, etc. at:
onlimer@aol.com or come on down and introduce yourself personally.


Don't worry, 30 years & it'll be nothing but yupsters & rickety luxury condos.


So, what will the name of this place be? Doesn't sound like Kennedy Chicken.


This blog is fun!


I think Lou posted in the wrong thread. He is talking about Lime.



Are you talking about the fried chicken place or the drinking establishment 4 blocks to the south?

Art Tatum

Oh great. Kennedy Fried Chicken? I live in that building and was just getting used to not having everything I own smell like evaporated grease :(

Harry In Shorts

This is great. There needs to be more fried chicken oriented night clubs named after fruits.

Queen of the Click

Chicken joints seem to stay chicken joints. Although it won't be pretty or healthy, it will be busy.



A hearty welcome to you and yours to PLG! I've been speaking with friends and we all feel "Lime" will do exceptionally well...afterall, it is pretty upscale which is exactly what the Avenue needs to bring a breath of fresh air. Can't wait for the opening!

Now PLG is really on the chart!!!



Do you still read your emails? Does that email address work?


At least it will be a place you can get a snack when coming in from the nightlife... ooo all this awesome neighborhood has is Dunkin Donuts, and KDog. DD - how classy. KDog - how yuppy, overpriced, and not of particularly high-quality- very faux. It comes up in almost every listing here- I's sure the blog sponsors are part owners--- if you want this to be Manhattan- just move there! God forbid a neighborhood with some character-- thats not artsy and rich.

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