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Aw, c'mon, EVERY grocery store except the really upscale ones like Whole Foods has signs in the window -- and these didn't look too out of date to me the last time I walked by.

I've never shopped here either - -I was intrigued by the awning that says, "Organic Products." How is the selection?


Congratulations to Mark Dye - I know he has spent a lot of time on this bodega with both the shop owner and the landlord. It looks magnificent.


When I complimented the owners on their new sign the other day, you should have seen the beaming smiles of pride that came over their faces! Clearly, they are delighted by the new look and appreciate that the community enjoys it as well.

Can't answer the organic produce question although it would be nice if the sign is actually a sign of more changes coming. Although I patronize this bodega fairly frequently, I've rarely been inspired to do so for the purpose of buying perishable items and never for fruits and veggies.

Thanks also to Mark and PLUS for keeping up the good work on Lincoln Road!


If things haven't changed the oragnic stuff they carry is mostly non-perishables - certainly no produce. There is a small organic section opposite the milk.


Mark "Dye"? (not his last name) This is a wonderful result of the work of PLUS. When the Maple Street School gets its makeover, its going to look rather spiffy here.
Signs in the window are OLD SCHOOL SUPERMARKET! Its a lost art and I think they are great. I used to work in a supermarket with owners from Queens and they had a sign guy that painted the signs every week. It was very cool.


Sorry, brain freeze, Mark Dicus.


And I looked more closely at those signs this morning - they appear to be quite new, and aren't faded or dirty or anything. Not bad at all!


I really like the terra cotta color they painted the building -- goes nicely with the Spanish revival architecture. I hope they get around to painting the upper portion! Nice job PLUS!!

Mark Dicus

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I worked very closely w/ the landlord to make sure this storefront improvement project included improving the overall facade of the building outside the bodega. While it took longer than any of us had hoped, I think the end result was worth the wait.

Rina Kleege

How about the news sign at the Meytex, too? And the lovely flowers etc in the triangle on Flatbush? Great work, PLUS!

Art Tatum

I seem to remember the Maple Street school having awnings at one point in the past--didn't it? I may just be confused though..

Bob Marvin

IIRC MSS had awnings two locations ago, when they were on Nostrand Ave. The row of storefronts was fixed up through some program similar to what PLUS is doing now. However, that was 20 some years ago, when my son was going there.

Art Tatum

..Interesting..And there were never any red awnings on their current location? Maybe I remember them from an artist rendering or something..hmmm...

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