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I'd like to see the menu.


The best dish at Maytex is not even on the menu. It's the steamed Tilapia. If the owner has it in stock, she'll make it for you with a spicy topping that will clear your sinuses for days. Ask for a side of spinach & pumkin seeds as well.

Adrian Lesher

Mercy hasn't had them in awhile, but the African land snails (think very big escargot) are pretty good.

Bob Marvin

I went to Maytex last night for the first time. Everyonev wh praised their chicken was right--likewise the spinach & pumkin seeds. I also got to sample two things I've wanted to try for over 40 years [long story]--fufu and palm wine. I suspect they're both acquired tastes. I could get uses to palm wine; fufu, I'm not sure about :-)

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