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I did go by before the showing and got a pre-show by Yaakov Sussan. The asking price is much higher; $650k for 3br and $760k for 4br. There are only 2 apartments finished. It looks nice. And there will even be a roof deck to observe the bloods and crips fight on the streetcorner.

Bob Marvin

This Williamsburg condo,featured on Brownstoner today, looks remarkably similar (although much larger)



It's way worse than that -- the place is now listed with Prudential Douglas Elliman, and asking from $699.9K for a 3 bedroom to $949.9K for a two bedroom penthouse duplex. Nearly $1 million for new construction on Maple between Nostrand and NY Aves? Now that's just plain wrong. And the listings show only the same CGI shots for all, so there's not telling what they really look like. Open house tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and Sunday for the curious: http://www.elliman.com/Listings.aspx?ListingID=931056

matthew & sherry

What a gem, My husband and I, happened to walk thru this stunning modern building. We decided to take a look at it. We got a tour in the apartments and we fell in love with what we saw. Guy's this is a most see. You absolutely get what you pay for


I stopped by 384 Maple Yesterday, I must congratulate whoever is behind this building, its trully one-of-a-kind in the area, with great finishes and HUGE apt's, I dont want to sound like im the salesperson on the building But the price mentioned (949,900) is for a HUGE penthouse with 2 roof terrace's Almost 2300 SF, So are the 2 Ground floor units which are duplex's too! well, in short we are extremly interested in this building, Its not 100% done But i would put it at 98-99% Complete (All Apt's are painted)
The Kicker!! Stunning Model Apt on Second Floor!!

David Kazlatcki

Was totally suprised! I went to the open house yesterday and was totally shocked of how grand of a building this is. The finishes are excellent. The neighborhood is def up and coming but at $460 per foot its really someting to think about. I plan on bringing my wife back after the holiday. If you have any feedback please post to help me with my decision.

Bob Marvin

I don't wish to insult anyone, but the last three enthusiastic posts seem like they could have been written by someone shilling for the developer.

That being said, this building looks much nicer than any other nearby new construction so, if the posts are genuine, please accept my apology and welcome to the neighborhood. Just be aware that you could get one of the smaller brownstones in Lefferts Manor [i.e. one of the two-story houses west of Rogers] for the price of that penthouse--maybe considerably less. Still, old houses aren't for everyone. Although I couldn't personally conceive of living in any new building I can appreciate their attraction to many [most?] people.


Wow -- I have to agree -- those comments sound like total shills. Guess ATP is getting a lot of notice -- that's a good thing. Honestly, if I wanted a new-built condo at that price, I'd look into other buildings/areas.


Wow, that is one ugly building. What a shame.


Wreath theft - there are weightier issues to consider but our handmade Christmas wreaths were stolen off our front doors on Sterling Street (between Rogers and Nostrand) this afternoon. It takes an especially brazen grinch to sour the season this way.


I stopped by an open house today and viewed a number of the apts. They told me that they were only on the market now for three weeks but it is obvious from reading this blog they have been around for a few months. They said that only one contract was signed, out of ten units, and that the developer had dropped prices to sell the units quickly. The two smallest 3 bed units at 1566 sq ft were dropped from $699 to $570. Though a significant drop, and possibly a bad indicator for the building, that puts the price per square ft at around $360. I checked out the place very close and it is pretty high quality craftsmanship with good interior design/plan with tons of closet space and storage. Hard to get new construction for much cheaper. However. I don't see many families considering these- most units being three beds, with the location. Just as a side note all of the units are equipped with small storage like spaces with a second gas line to install a small kosher kitchen, so they are also marketing to the Jewish population. It will be interesting to see what happens with these units.

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