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just as a stupid question, has anyone seen any good construction recently?

Bob Marvin

If 185 is replaced by new construction there's not a lot we can do about the esthetics. While we COULD get something as nice looking as the new condo on Maple IV we could also get a building far worse than the Parkside Ave. buildings in your illustration. Take a look at the new buildings at Rogers and Albamarle--and bring a barf bag along! Given what I've heard about the track record of 185's new owner,I wouldn't hope for much there.

All the more reason to push for extensions of the PLG Historic District to protect the remaining landmark quality buildings and [if you're so inclined] to pray for some degree of design enlightenment on the part of the developers who'll build elsewhere.


The first design that this amateur, undercapitalized developer was willing to share consisted of an eight story building, on stilts, which would allow for parking underneath the structure. A portion of the building was to cantilever and rise over a 5'2" portion of the driveway that is shared with #189.

The total size of the plot is only 29" x 150" -- a perfectly adequate space for a 3-story residence. However, minus the 5' driveway area, the developer was essentially proposing the erection of an eight story building, consisting of 20 units, on a plot area of only 24" x 150"

The presence of such a building will surely impact the quality of life for the immediate neighbors. It may even compromise the structural integrity of the adjacent buldings. For the building to the north, #163 -- which is a six story apartment building-- the developer's proposed sliver will present as a narrow, hulking structure cutting out all light, air, and views for the apartment dwellers in #163 who have windows on the southern side of the building. But for the neighbor to the south of #185 -- a three story single family home-- the new proposed structure will certainly be a nightmare of height, bulk and mass pedestrian/parking activity. It goes without saying that such a building will further reduce the tiny enclave of historically and architecturally significant small brick and limestone rowhouses that have peaceably existed there for a century. Until now of course.

DOB rejected the developer's original plans, and we don't know on what grounds, but we have reason to believe it was for relatively minor reasons. Since then, he has refused to let anyone outside his blood circle see the subsequent submissions. Bottom line is it's possible he may have proposed, and received approval for, an even taller strucuture. The FAR on the property is somewhere between 3.1-3.4.



"But for the neighbor to the south of #185 -- a three story single family home-- the new proposed structure will certainly be a nightmare of height, bulk and mass pedestrian/parking activity."

One can only hope...


Oh please give me a break! I signed the contract for ocean ave only to get screwed over by dan as he chose the developer over me even though my bid was acccepted. Get a life and move on. Quit acting like you care as you knew the developer had these plans. Please give it up about hope. Spare me.


mr 10:03, i am sorry that you lost the house but you cannot blame dan from taking an additional $200k to the bank (or was it more?) he's got three kids to watch out for, one of whom happens to be autistic, and that extra cash goes a long way towards securing a great future for them.

you might feel like you have been screwed, but you would be lying if you said that you would not have done the same thing.

besides, you're misunderstanding his comment... reread and you might get it. in some ways you are quite lucky to have not gotten your hands on that house.

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