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Bob Marvin

Very sad

Not necessarily the end for #185, but things look grim. In any case, there is still the matter of the other 12 houses in the row, which is why the landmarking effort is so important.


Bob Marvin

BTW I hope this situation will be a wake-up call to people living on those pieces of the original 1975 proposed historic district that were left out of the 1979 Historic District designation (i.e. Parkside I and Chester Court) to start the ball rolling on extending the PLG Historic District. The time to start is (ideally) BEFORE the wrecking ball threatens.

Also BTW, I would hate to be thought anti-development. The existing historic district preserves the greater part of what IMO should be preserved in PLG, but there are a number of blocks, or parts of blocks that SHOULD have been included. The row on Ocean Ave., Parkside Ave., west of Bedford and Chester Court are very special and it would be terrible to loose them.

That is NOT the same as saying that there can be no change and that EVERY old building must be preserved. There is plenty of room for development. Hopefully this can be QUALITY development--the new buildings on the SW corner of Bedford & Parkside do not exactly inspire confidence in the esthetic choices made by developers, but new buildings CAN be better than those.


Hey Bob,

I've just moved to the first block of Hawthorne. Our stretch of 3-story limestones was included in the 1975 HD outline, as was the row of 4 story brownstones across the street (one is now boarded up). What's the process to re-open the discussion of the historic designation that was left unfinished 28 years ago? It's not just Parkside, Chester and Ocean that should be designated. Winthrop 1 is a historically interesting block as well, as is the south side of Fenimore (the historic district, bizarrely, goes down the middle of the street. And was Parkside Court on that original proposal? I've seen your map, but the edges are cut off. That needs work, but it could be an amazing little enclave.


I would add, a concerted effort by all the fragments that were left out would probably be more effective than separate efforts by individual blocks.

Bob Marvin


Contact me off-list and I'lltry to put you in touch with the people working on Ocean Ave.landmarking.I'm at lmaechoATearthlinkDOTcom.

Parkside Court was not in the original proposed historic district. It WAS one of the blocks we tried to get the LPC to include.


We have recently purchased a property on Winthrop Street. Agree with all the above comments in extending Lefferts Garden Historic District boundaries. With out extending the Historic district, in the next few years, there is a great chance of significant number of buildings on this street converting into condo buildings.


When we Ocean Avenue homeowners first began our Landmark Preservation Commission petition effort several months ago, we specifically reached out to residents of Parkside Avenue and Chester Court to see if we could develop a united campaign for an extended HD. Unfortunately, we did not get any sense of preparedness for immediate action from the homeowners we were in contact with on those blocks at that time. And because time was of the essence -- that is, we were in a serious rush to get calendared for LPC consideration before the DOB issued the demo permit on 185 Ocean -- we were obligated to forge ahead of the rest of "PLG HD excluded blocks" crowd in seeking landmark protection.

Alas, we have lost that leg of the race. But the whole fight is still not over! While hanging by our fingertips, many of us are nevertheless keeping hope alive that we might still be able to keep 185 from the blows of the developer's wrecking ball. Barring that, a long fight still remains on what kind of structure the developer gets to erect and how. Trust me when I tell you that this developer (an inexperienced, undercapitalized hothead who has made a rather untimely leap into the development game) has barely begun to experience the crap we intend to make him wade through before he actually imposes his Fedders monstrosity on our little row of homes! But I digress. :)

In the meantime, as Bob points out, we still have 12 other houses on the row that deserve landmark status. Towards that end, we are more than interested in uniting with our neighbors in the rest of PLG who wish to fight for extension of the Historic District. If you have such an interest, please do not hesitate to follow up on Bob Marvin's offer and he will refer your contact info to us. Thanks!


I signed the contract for 185 Ocean ave with the supposedly Final offer...My bid was accepted, I paid my lawyer $1000, signed the contract...only to get royally screwed by Dan when he decided to accept the bid from the developer. He knew this was a developer who had crappy plans. The money was too much to resist. Good luck PLG. You need it!

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