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At least the neighbors didn't sell out - yet.


If I were them, I'd sell quick. If those limestones get landmarked, they wont get nearly the same price.

Personally, I'd sell and buy a Ditmas Park Victorian.

Bob Marvin

Being part of an historic District generally INCREASES a home's value.


Depends on the buyer -- personally I'd pay more for a landmarked house in a historic district, precisely because I want to be sure that my next-door neighbor isn't going to sell out to some unscrupulous developer to do with as he likes.


If they sell, it would likely have to be to a developer. Who else will pay decent $$ for a house next to a destruction/construction zone?


whatever is going to be will look for sure better than this piece of garbage.



I don't know what your real interest is in this discussion. As for me, I happen to own one of the limestones on this strip of Ocean Avenue bordering the Park. Having lived here for 20 years, I am deeply invested in both preserving and improving upon this tiny section of PLG in particular as well as PLG in general. My neighbors here feel similarly. We love all our homes, both brick and limestone.

Now, of course, you don't have to love all or any of these 13 houses on Ocean Avenue. They are not for everyone. But you also don't need to refer to the one that is slated for demolition as garbage! Not only is such a characterization absolutely false, it is also inflammatory and quite insulting to the neighboring homeowners who have been struggling so hard to preserve it.

If anything is "garbage" it is the ignorant, inflammatory and troll- like commentaries which tend to dominate so many blog sites. In that regard, perhaps you are confusing this site, ATP, with Brownstoner. Not!

Whatever our differences in viewpoint, I'm betting I speak for many who hope that this blog can remain as a proudly pro-PLG forum for intelligent, mature debate and discussion.


Dear Ceelledee
I love all of those 13 houses but this house does not belong to them, totally different style doesnt have any details like the others I've heard that whoever bought that house is going to build beautifull 1 or 2 familly good looking building


Well, Chris, now you really have my attention! Do you represent the developer? Where you did you hear that "whoever bought that house is going to build beautful 1 or 2 family good looking building"? The plans have always been for a building of 20 or more units in a finger structure of 8 or more stories. Claims of a 1-2 story building are definitely new news. Please share your source!

Adrian Lesher

What sensible person thinks this handsome brick house, built in 1904, is a "piece of garbage?"

I doubt the replacement will hold a candle.


I agree that this house is not a spectacular as the row of limestone townhouses just a bit farther down, however its fate is just another reason to push for those houses' landmarking, as they are very bit as vulnerable.

Bob Marvin

I'm sorry to report that I just went past 185 Ocean and demolition is well underway--the roof and dormers are already gone.

Now the focus shifts to protecting the rest of that row and other landmark-worthy blocks not already designated.

Also, it would be wonderful if there was anything that could be done to ensure that new building was not hidious crap--I wish I could be optimistic about THAT, but I'm not [however much I'd like to be proved wrong].


185 is now gone. Nothing but a hole in the ground. For now, the people who have apartments on the south side of #163 must be rejoicing. With #185 gone, they've got sun and light and views of the Park that they've never had before! I wish it would stay that way-- for them and for the strip of homes. Unfortunately, that is not to be. Only god and the big bad developer know what's coming next. :(

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