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Xris (Flatbush Gardener)

Damn, I read "subway" in the title and thought "mass transit" ...


The Subway website confirms that a new store is "coming soon" to 2121 Beekman Place. This will be a convenient lunch when I work from home or maybe even a quick dinner. Lets hope Subway sends a message that that stretch of Flatbush is okay for other kinds of businesses.


so much for a wine store

Bob Marvin

I've been told that the wine store will be at Lincoln & Flatbush.


Can't wait for that!

Adrian Lesher

This will be a vast improvement from the Subway located inside the Exxon station at the northwest corner of Bedford and Empire.

Jonny Sender

I have to respectfully disagree. I don't view another fast food establishment as a positive addition to the neighborhood. There is a serious lack of quality food whether supermarket or prepared in this neighborhood. I can't help but think that our neighbors most affected by this are those that can't afford or don't know to shop elsewhere in Brooklyn for better food. I'm far from being above a burger, a slice or a piece of cake or ice cream. But a Subway is not on my list of services seriously lacking in this part of Flatbush.

Harry In Shorts

Oh what a giant leap for mankind, let us all rejoice at the prospect of Jared and his cannon legged pants remaining unfilled. Six inch Italian herbs and cheese BMT. Toasted please. Just a little lettuce. Olives. Mayonaise and Honey mustard. Sure. Sun Chips. Harvest Cheddar. Thank you.

Mr. Ius

I'll take it. It can really diversify my weekly rotation of McDonalds, Wendy's, Enduro take out, and more Wendy's.

It might not be a step up, but it's a step towards minor bit of change to break up the monotony.

Eat fresh, baby.

Art Tatum

A "coming soon" banner went up this morning!


I think we already have a Subway on Flatbush Avenue this shouldn't be much news. For more I have a new Blog at http://realflatbush.blogspot.com/


I never posted before, but since this subway is showing up literally in my building, I thought I might add my 2 cents. I think the Subway is a great idea. Its much healthier than another Popeye's and although I love Gino's there's only so much pizza one can eat in a week. That a franchise owner is willing to set up shop here is a positive sign in terms of neighborhood direction. The only negative I can imagine is the added 'roach problem associated with a food service chain just 2 floors beneath my apt... realllly hope they're clean

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