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Bob Marvin

The plans for the new building were approved on 12/24:


This was done after the forth submission by the developer. Is it possible that the DOB required subtantive improvements , or am I just being naive?


DOB is not in the aesthetics business (quite obviously) so any improvements are most likely regulatation adherence related.


How can the developer propose to build a 22,847 sqft building when the maximum "Floor Area Ratio" for that particular lot is 15,009 sqft.? It appears they must have acquired the right to build an additional 7,838 sqft. How???

Did they buy air rights from the neighbors? Does anyone know of other ways to acquire FAR? I'm wondering if the city offers incentives (in the form of additional FAR) to developers.

By the way - here's the link for the application: http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/


FWIW, the developer and the owners of the house next door, at #189,had been litigating the easement rights of the common driveway. In the end, they reached some kind of settlement, the results of which the rest of us on the strip know nothing about.

As far as DOB approving the plans, all I can say is that it's not surprising. DOB is a total mess these days! The agency is notoriously understaffed, under budgeted and resourced. It's a crap shoot whether or not they will engage in thorough and complete reviews of any plan coming before them. . . much less those of a small time developer proposing to do a tear down and erection of a sliver monstrosity on the east side of Prospect Park.


The DOB does not look at the aesthetics. Period. Doesn't matter if they're over or under staffed. The DOB is not the landmarks commission. All they look at is F.A.R., life safety, number of bathrooms, fire rating, etc.

Most likely the multiple submissions were due to a problem with one of these issues, not the aesthetics. It is quite common to have several submissions, especially with a change in occupancy group.


Reread the thread: no one has claimed that the job of the DOB is to weigh plan aesthetics. And, in fact, opposition to the project goes beyond mere aesthetics.

For those who live nearby, there are several concerns about how the proposed new sliver monstrosity may impact the structural integrity of surrounding buildings. These concerns have invited related questions about the competence of DOB. After all, this has been a time of significant changes to the building codes, proposed FAR changes, and over the top development frenzy. A popular observation among building trades professionals is that DOB is a mess in need of a major overhaul. Under the circumstances, to wonder whether or not such an agency "got it right" when approving the plans to replace a single family building with a towering finger seems pretty reasonable.


These plans are probably filed under the old code, for what it's worth. New code (which is somewhat stricter, in many respects) doesn't become mandatory until July.

I do agree with you Ceelledee, the DOB is definitely a mess at the moment and I of course hope they've properly reviewed the plans.


Would someone please tell me why the owner was able to build a building that greatly exceeded what that lot had been allocated?


im trying to read most od the comments about 185 ocean ave and i can't understand the stupidity of people that they are posting them

Bob Marvin


You wouldn't be the developer, would you?

Are English grammar and syntax also stupid?


i would like to be the the developer, would not you? Dear Bob???

Bob Marvin

LOL Chris--there's NO WAY that I'd like to be that developer.


If Bob were the developer, we wouldn't have to worry about what he would put up there, which I think is all anyone here is concerned about now. Yes, it's sad to have lost that house, because it was a nice one, but it seems that all anyone here is asking about is how the developer was able to exceed the apparent zoning for the site, and expressing the fear that something hideous will be built there.

None of that seems stupid to me, just the normal concerns of residents who don't want to see this neighborhood stuffed full of inappropriate structures (either hideous and cheaply-built and/or massively out of scale with the surrounding buildings).


I wish Bob were King of PLG

Bob Marvin

LOL bboy--I did a Sherman when someone here [I HOPE in jest]suggested I run for City Council.

Anyway, I don't believe in Divine Right, so it'd have to be one of those wimpy constitutional monarchies :-)



Bob Marvin


That's all there is to see at this point. A lot of people are hoping that whatever is built will be an improvement over a hole in the ground. Personally, I'm hopeful, but will not hold my breath.

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